Thursday, August 31, 2023

Say Goodbye to the American Lung Association


While the American Lung Association bills itself as “the leading organization working to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease,” the group’s recent formal comment on the FDA Center for Tobacco Products’ Strategic Plan essentially endorses the greatest threat to lung health: cigarette manufacturers. Here is an excerpt from the group’s filing:

“Strategic Goal #4 - Improve Public Health by Enhancing Knowledge and Understanding of CTP Tobacco Product Regulation and the Risks Associated with Tobacco Product Use 

Remove language from the description for this goal that references informing adults about the relative risk of tobacco products” (emphasis in original)

“As mentioned in our comments above, the description for this goal included language ‘and to inform adults who smoke about the relative risks of tobacco products.’ The Lung Association strongly recommends this language be removed from the description.”

The ALA asks the FDA to remove any reference to the scientific fact that smoke-free tobacco products are vastly safer than cigarettes.  They are effectively urging the agency to withhold lifesaving information about safer products from smokers and their loved ones.

The nonprofit world’s poor record on cigarettes led me eight years ago to advise the public to say goodbye to the American Cancer Society.  Still, the American Lung Association in 2020 reported revenue of $106 million, with some 60% attributable to fundraising events, gifts and other contributions. 

It’s time for tobacco users and their families and friends to defund the cigarette-manufacturer-supporting American Lung Association.  Send your charitable contributions elsewhere. 





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