Tuesday, April 18, 2023

CBS Mornings’ Tony Dokoupil Highlights UK’s Support for Vaping as a Quit-Smoking Tool vs. U.S. Head-in-the-Sand Denial


Broadcast journalist Tony Dokoupil co-anchors “CBS Mornings”.  Last year, Variety magazine reported, “He’s also developing a reputation for explaining abstract concepts to viewers in ways that make the subjects stick.”  Dokoupil says he emphasizes “talking to regular people where the story is happening and happening to them.”

What’s happening is that 480,000 Americans per year die due to their smoking habit.  On “CBS Mornings” April 14, Dokoupil used this number to contrast the stark differences between American and British e-cigarette policies.  He focused on the British government’s new “Swap to Stop”* program that will provide one-million smokers with free vaping products, versus the U.S. government’s refusal to acknowledge the truth about vastly safer smoke-free cigarette substitutes. 

This video should be seen by every American smoker and vaper, and, more importantly, by every U.S. health policymaker and journalist.  The UK has figured out how to save hundreds of thousands of lives yearly.


*Title reminiscent of my 2011 Switch and Quit Owensboro program (here and here). 



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